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Outdoor hand washing for schools, work, public or leisure places?

We have the answers - read on . . . . 

Outdoor hand washing at schools

The solution is our lockable hot and cold water outdoor hand washing station

Outdoor hand washing is a key element of remaining safe during the pandemic.  UK Government and HSE and NHS  hand washing procedure is for hands to be properly washed with soap outdoors - before anyone enters a building.  Cleaning hands thoroughly and often, remains one of the most important ways to reduce the spread of COVID. Hand-washing with soap is more effective at removing bacteria and viruses from the skin than sanitising. Hand sanitising must be extra to outdoor hand-washing, not instead. This means:

Providing facilities at entry and exit points so hand washing for children and visitors can be completed when they arrive and leave.

Hand-washing facilities so people can wash their hands frequently.

Making sure your hand washing facilities have running water, soap and paper towels or hand dryers

 The obvious answer has been to install sinks outside. However, sinks are vulnerable to vandalism, taps being left running and freezing pipes in winter. It is also more difficult to keep outside sinks clean.



It can be easily installed outside any entry point so every child, teacher and visitor can wash their hands with hot water and soap before entering school, and returning after playtime. Our lockable solution also provides much needed outside drinking water for children too with the same protection against misuse and the elements that normally makes it impractical to provide.

outdoor hand washing station

Plenty of storage for consumables.

Enclosed, locked and secure when not in use.

Proper outdoor hand washing with soap dispense and towel disposal.

 Easy install (kit supplied) connects to inside plumbing.

Empty to nearby drain or to containers under sink.

Perfect for children to use to fill water bottles.

The sink can be supplied at various heights – easy access for all ages.

We were first asked to look at the problem by Castle Mead School in Trowbridge. They’re delighted with their cabinet and encouraged us to offer the Ri outdoor hand washing station to all schools. See their feedback here.

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