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Cabinet Choice

Making the right choice...

Which of our Security Cabinets is best suited for your business?

We want you to be happy with your cabinet, please take the time to make the right choice.

We stock 5 cabinet sizes, these are based on capacity, the R6 holds 6 tote boxes (or similar sized bundles) the R20 holds 20 tote boxes (or similar sized bundles) with the R8, R9 and R12 in between.

How many tote boxes or equivalent size bundles do you receive on your busiest day? This will act as a guide towards choosing the right cabinet.

The secure cabinets also have a variety of fitting options from floor, wall, bracket or castor fittings. Please look at each cabinet to decide which is the right one for you. 


Cabinet Size Guide

Cabinet Size Guide

Follow these simple 8 steps below to ensure you make the correct choice.

   1.   How many tote boxes/bundles do you receive on your busiest day?

   2.   Will the cabinet be best fitted to the front or rear of the building? 

   3.   Is it easily accessible for drivers?

   4.   Can your cabinet be fixed to a wall?

   5.   Do you need to secure your cabinet to the ground, if so is the ground suitable for fixing?

   6.   Are there any potential obstructions like windows or down pipes?

   7.   Is the ground reasonably level?

   8.   Is there sufficient exterior lighting?

Please Note:   

The R8, R9 & R20 can be bolted to a wall or the ground.
The R12 needs to be bolted to a wall at least 1m wide and 1.4m high.
The R6 should be bolted to a wall or pillar at least 1m high.

About Us

Ri have been serving the news and retail industry for nearly 30 years, priding ourselves on great products and excellent customer service.

All of our products are constructed with high quality components ensuring a long life span -  we still occasionally supply parts for cabinets we supplied in the 1990s !

We're a small innovative company always willing to assist with developing your ideas.


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