Drum Oil Cabinet

Safe out of sight storage with easy access for staff to add oil to the drums.


Drum Oil Cabinet

Fixed to floor and wall by rawl anchor bolts.

Holds 2 full 200 kilo drums.

Height – 1450mm

Width – 1070mm

Depth – 465mm

Colours – Green

Leaking, spilling, overflowing cooking oil containers are unsightly and hazardous. They are also subject to the oil storage and the manual handling regulations. It is hard for caterers to keep up with the maze of rules and regulations about oil storage; this is why we have come up with the solution!

Easy for staff to add oil to the drums as the top lifts up and is retained on a stay whilst they pour oil in. Collectors can access and remove full drums quickly from the front panel, which lifts out, for drum removal.

With welded tubes riveted to galvanised steel panels, plated piano hinge with stainless steel pins, 3 point locking system and optional master key or combination lock, the Ri Waste Oil Drum Cabinet is a secure unit strong enough to withstand most knocks.